Portrait Design/Home Decor - JJPhotographyAustin

Get inspiration from your home decor as your portraits will become a pieces of art for your home and a design element to any room. 

We help you with the design for your family portraits so  you will be better prepared for a photograph that will be enjoyed for years to come!

What is Portrait Design Consultation? 

1) The color and style of clothes that should be worn,

2) where the portraits will be displayed,

3) we will go over various prints sizes and textures in order to help you visualize the perfect


4) portraits created by JJ Photography can be taken from our clients’ homes, yard, park, Lakes and other locations so we can pick the right setting for  your vision,

For more information or to schedule a  portrait design consultation, please e-mail: JJ@JJPhotographyTexas.com  or call (512) 554-6553