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Makeup for portraits especially your wedding!

How your makeup looks in real life is one thing, but with flash and sometimes awful indoor lighting to consider, applying makeup for photos is another story... Always opt for matte. Makeup with shimmer and sparkle will look like more of a sheen or oily in photographs, it will also highlight every line and wrinkle.  Choose matte whenever possible. I get the question, What do I wear?all the time and while I do believe wardrobe choice is very important, another, often overlooked, significant factor in a successful session is styling and makeup.

If a professional makeup application isnt something the you  want to invest in here are some tips to help easily create a camera ready look on your own.

1. Apply your makeup in natural window light if at all possible. This may mean applying your makeup in a room other than your bathroom but good lighting is essential to a good, even application of makeup.

2.  Please stay away from using mineral makeup for your portraits. Mineral Makeup is fantastic for everyday wear; however, in portraits it can give a very distinct and undesirable glow or shine. In portraits, a matte finish is more desirable than a glow.  

3.Set your foundation with a translucent matte powder banishing any shine.

4. Play up your eyes! Again, avoid shimmer or glitter. I strongly suggest using matte or satin neutral shades to bring out your beautiful eyes.

 5. Colored lip gloss is the most flattering in portraits because lip color trends change so quickly. If you prefer lipstick choose a color that enhances your existing lip tone.

Here is A pro Makeup artist, Elizabeth with Versage Make Up Artistry And this is what she has to say about it:

Wedding Make Up Tips First and foremost, most brides like to look like themselves on their wedding day with a bit of enhancement for photos. If you are not used to wearing make-up go for the natural look that emphasizes a more even flawless complexion. But, be willing to try more contouring and deeper eye shades that photograph better. You dont want to look totally washed out in photos which is what occurs with everyday make up. Professional Make Up artists can help you achieve this look. If you go to department stores for trials be aware that you will most likely get a bolder look because they want to sell their products and consequently use more than less. Find an artist that will listen to and work with you instead of doing what they think is best. Brides have the right to say what they like or dont. It is different than make-up for modeling photoshoots or fashion and editorial. In those cases, the client will say what look they want and the model doesnt have much to say.

1. Shimmering colors and iridescent shades are very pretty used sparingly, very sparingly. For wedding photos which are not usually taken in studios and lots of lighting they are not the best. Matte colors are recommended because they photograph more true to color and the photographer can work with them under natural lighting.

2.If you are not used to wearing false lashes, do a trial beforehand. There are so many different styles of lashes to pick from. Even if you want the Au Natural look, you can use very natural looking lashes that just add a bit of thickness or length. Your artist can try them on you at the trial. After a bit, most people get used to having them on their eyes.

3.Eyelash extensions please be aware that these are glued onto your real lashes with a very strong glue. They should not be just pulled off like regular strip lashes as they might pull your own lashes off at the same time. They should be applied before your wedding by a reputable vendor. It takes quite a lot of time to apply so this is not something you want to do on your wedding day. They can be glued on with regular eyelash glue but dont expect them to stay on for long.

4.If you dont usually wear make-up, try air brush, it is very light and if your artist uses a good quality air brush make up, it will not look cakey at all.

5.Airbrush covers most complexion flaws quite easily but will not fill in deep areas of complexion problems. What it will do is even out the skin so these do not show up in photos.

6.Remember when you are looking at photos of make-up examples that most of the pics from magazines or the internet have been Photoshoped.

7.Do not have major work done on your face less than a month before your wedding. Some treatments cause redness and swelling that is not optimum to fix with make up or photo editing. If you have a facial, please ask your esthetician what can occur beforehand and know your skin. Does it recover quickly?

8.If you plan on tanning please do beforehand to assure that you like the look. Tanning can look orange in some photos.

9.Trials are important as you can wear the make-up for the day and see if you really like it. More times than not, you will make some changes which will make it easier for your artist on wedding day and gives you exactly what you want.

10.REMEMBER these photographs will last a lifetime and perhaps be handed down to your family, DONT skimp on the photography or make up. Hope this helps and most of all have fun as this shows up in photos more than anything else.