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How To Find A Pro Portrait Photographer for your Wedding


This is not wedding tip just for Teaxs! A wedding is an occasion of a lifetime. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event that is not just “special” but something to remember for the rest of your days. For this reason, you want that day to stay crystal clear in your mind. Here are the reasons you want to hire a great portrait photographer:

A first-class portrait photographer will need to have the ability to capture every detail with a touch of creativity. Always remember that when you turn the pages of your wedding album, it must appear as though you reliving your special day.

Always hire a professional Wedding photographer a pro will be able to produce the work in a timely fashion.

A professional wedding photographer will have experience and this is crucial in determining, during the shoot, where to be, and when.

He or she will also know exactly in what order things are going to occur, and this is vital. Often brides will ask me for guidance on what to do next or how things normally get done. As an experienced professional, I know exactly which event should come next so there is a lot less confusion.

I also take care not to miss those unforgettable shots, which otherwise will be lost forever. This can very well happen to the inexperienced photographer.

You want a portrait photographer who will be available at the right place at the right time! Punctuality, personality and equipment are the key qualities of a professional photographer.

A professional is experienced in working with individuals, couples, and among groups and can make formal portrait photography run smoothly and fast.

For these reasons, it is a mistake to think of the professional’s fee as a burden, instead: Realize that this is an investment in preserving that special day for all time. With a true pro you will get your money’s worth and so much more.

Personal Contact Is Vital: Choose the photographer only after meeting him/her. When hiring a wedding photographer, it is imperative you make that connection with him/her.

You will want your wedding photographer to be an outgoing fun person. Don’t forget that you will be spending a good 6-8 hours with them! 

Get recommendations or see if they have testimonials from past clients he/she has worked with.

Before meeting the photographer, take a good look at their portfolio, the candid shots and formal portraits.

Then you will be in a position to determine if this wedding photographer has the technique, style and spirit you want to trust in capturing your memories for generations to come.

What You Need To Watch Out For When You Are Looking For A Wedding portrait photographer:

1. Lighting quality

2. Composition

3. Finesse of outdoor and close-up photography

4. Watch out for flattened faces, harsh reflections off of cheeks and foreheads, and dark shadows directly behind or next to the subjects

5. Is the photographer using one or more photographers, and, will they charge more for that other photographer? (Most photographers use students or amateurs that want to gain experience of shooting weddings. This is fine but in most cases the student is helping for free. You should not be charged for their photography lessons. Just make sure if you are in fact paying that the second photographer is a pro!)

6. Discuss your own unique interests with the wedding photographer (he/she can usually come up with some really great ideas to incorporate your individual style into your Wedding portraits)

7. Have fun. It is one very short day, so enjoy it and make sure the Wedding photographer is someone you’ll enjoy! Tthey’ will be around you the most; which will make your day that much smoother!