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Here’s a wedding photography tip: if it’s your wedding – hire a professional!

Wedding portraits are a very specific product that is very important for the consumers, and a professional knows in advance all the Tricks needed to avoid craziness so that you get a real product.

“(Mr. Jones)has a camera or my friend likes photography and has a camera – why pay someone…?” is usually followed with, “Damn, why didn’t we hire a pro?”

Even if that have taken many great pictures doesn’t mean he/she is up for this most challenging of photographic assignments.

If you’ve are going to photograph wedding, here are some wedding photography tips that may save your butt.

Before We Start Shooting a wedding… photo that is.

1. Think ahead.

Most weddings will be planned down to the finest details. They even may know what shots are wanted. Find out from the bride and groom what they want photographed, and make a ‘shot list’ that you work through. I also have one on my website that you can print out and use if needed.

2. Beg , buy, hire, or borrow the following equipment:

wide angle /zoom lens. You do not need a wide angle smaller than 27mm and you won’t need a zoom greater than 135mm. Spare batteries for the camera

Several spare Memory cards.

A working external flash (one that stands separate to the camera)

Spare batteries for the flash.

A reflector for out door shots.

Also you will be very glad if you get your self a fast lens.  One at about 2.0f or1.4f!

Get a Tripod A professional attitude.

3. Good to know!

Most churches will not allow flash during the ceremony! You will want to talk with the coordinator or the efficient. if you have a tripod you can use is if you could not get that fast lens. (Seriously – use a tripod for these shots!) and try not to zoom in that way you have more available light allowed into your lens.. You can get some very beautiful shots this way.

Go to the rehearsal! This way you can study the lighting, angles, key moments, etc. beforehand. Look at the lighting. If when you set someone were the group photos would be taken you have lights that are creating hot spots or weird shadows under the eyes have someone turn those lights off. This will look so much better and don’t worry about having less light, the lights that do that to you are not helping!

4. Getting ready and stuff

Most of these will be candid shots of the bride. Sometimes the groom wants these too but you can only be in one place at once – stick with the bride.

These will most likely be indoor shots. If you want to cover these moments shoot a lot!! But Wait till she is looking good and don’t do the groom in his underwear those are not going to be big ‘sellers.'

Candid portraits that are indoor’ usually means using some kind of lighting even if it’s opening all the curtains. Direct Flash is never very flattering to anyone so avoid it if you can. That again is were that fast lens comes in very handy.


Don’t forget… use your zoom so you can get the natural looking shots! Make it look like they don’t know you are photographing them. That is all for now check back soon for more tips and tricks!