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I was born and raised here in Austin Texas and photography has been a part of my life ever since I can remember. My Dad and his mom, my grandmother were both photographers, so what started as a hobby for me quickly became my passion and my passion became my profession when I founded JJ Photography in 1999.

Since then I have continued to challenge myself and perfect my work. I put my heart and soul into capturing every photograph therefore each image I create is a reflection of myself.

On your wedding day, my constant focus will be on capturing all the raw, beautiful emotions that surround your important day.

You may be wondering how I achieve this, so let's talk about my unique approach. I photograph each wedding as the couple inspires me from elegant and classic poses to truly original candid shots, at a pace that works with you and your exciting celebration.

I'm very easy going and I find that helps people I am working with to relax in front of the camera. That is all I can ask of my clients - to relax and have fun and let me do the rest!!

Together we are the perfect recipe for making outstanding photographs and building a lasting relationship for all the exciting milestones down the road.

I'm your photographer for life!!!

My name is Jackie Jackson. I am a portrait photographer & the owner of JJ Photography in the Austin TX area. I am committed to professional portraits you will LOVE and you CAN afford.

I Love my job! I understand that portraits are priceless pieces of art that most people hold very dear to their hearts. My goal as a photographer is to be your portrait photographer for life!! I am creative with my photography & I always give it my BEST!

Portrait Design/Home Décor:

Whether you choose JJ Photography & Design for your family portrait or another studio; you will be better prepared for photographs that will be enjoyed for years to come with a  Portrait Design Consultation.

If you need photographer Lets schedule a consultation. Home Décor is a big part of Portrait Photography.  Sitting down and going over the look ,color and size Ideas you are looking for to decorate your home is all part of the process. 

This way we can get inspiration from your home decor as your portraits will become pieces of art for your home and a design element to any room.

Read more about the process click here

What others are saying:

Jackie photographed from beginning to end, the preparations, the ceremony and the wedding party and guests and family afterwards. Jackie made the pictures available soon after, and my daughter-in-law was able to post the huge album of wedding pictures online. I still enjoy browsing through them. From beginning to end it was a great experience and Jackie captured it all.It was an outdoor daytime wedding. Whether or not Jackie had anything to do with arranging the perfect weather and lighting, she made great photos that captured many happy moments. One of my favorites is of the groom with the broadest smile that expresses his boundless joy in those first few moments of being a husband.” -B.M.